The Pillars of Leadership Coaching

Ken Lear Entrepreneur Leadership Coaching

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The process of always improving and getting others to be the best version of themselves is never-ending for entrepreneurs. While mentoring comes from the experience of the individual, leadership coaching is a little different. Leadership coaching focuses on using the individual’s own plans to make their success. Mentoring will usually draw from the mentor’s own experiences, while coaching aims to inspire leaders to reflect on their own path and make their own decisions. Coaching leadership is built on the following three pillars:

Leadership coaches are all about that action.

Leadership coaching pushes professionals to create a plan for improving and changing their behavior for the better. This requires leaders to draw their own conclusions and develop solutions that make sense for them. Whether it’s a career coach, leadership coach, or a business coach, having someone with a wide-range of experiences can only help broaden the mentee’s plan of action.

When it comes to leadership coaching, a coach has no emotional investment in the matter and is focusing instead on doing his or her job. In times of change, the coach serves as a solid backdrop of support. A great leadership coach can help reign potential leaders back down to earth, and get their feet planted firmly on the ground.

Leadership coaches don’t do all the work.

As a coach, the goal shouldn’t be to give your potential leaders shortcuts. Instead, the role should be to coach them on how to make decisions, not just pointing out what decisions they should be making. There’s a world of difference between the two. It’s just like the age-old saying: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Being a great leader can be complex, and the more experience the leader has, the more complicated it can be. Most of the battle in working with new leaders comes from dedicating the time to focus on them. If they can make the time, a leadership coach can imprint their own style on a potential leader, and help them reach their own goals.

Leadership coaches offer some direction.

When a mentee turns to a leadership coach, they are usually seeking some sort of guidance. They ask themselves the question, “who can lead me out of this rut, and open my eyes to solutions?” They often fear how hard the journey ahead will be. These people are looking for a specific kind of leadership that provides them direction and a safe environment to learn, grow and explore their options. If for any reason they veer off the path, a leadership coach will steer them back in the right direction, providing the guidance and leadership that is required.

Working with a leadership coach who provides direction makes it easy for potential leaders to explore all of their options in a place where they can feel safe. Being able to have vision and focus on any opportunity will enable their mindset and career to blossom.

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